As a full-service, multi-state, general contractor, FCI provides comprehensive project management services from beginning to end.

Knowing what you want to build, and knowing how to start the process can be daunting. Orchestrating the details of complex construction projects requires exceptional management skills, and experienced individuals with a strong commitment to client service.

At FCI, our teams assist you in reaching your project goals far in advance of breaking ground. We formulate a partnership with you to ensure that all options are discussed, requirements are met, and needs are satisfied in your quest for the perfectly finished building.

Traditional Competitive Bidding

FCI’s ability to maintain a competitive edge is due to our relationships with subcontractors and our construction competence. This benefits our clients by assuring a greater value in all areas of their projects: schedule, cost, quality, and even resale potential.

Construction Manager at Risk

A majority of FCI’s projects include construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) work. As a cohesive team working with the Architect and Owner, FCI provides guidance at every stage of the project from design through successful project closeout. Our pre-construction services are second to none, providing open book estimates at every stage of the project.


This project delivery method is a single-contract, turn-key process that will guide your project from concept to completion, which allows our clients to realize time and cost-savings from the start. As your design-build team, FCI and our design partners work directly with you to determine construction feasibility and design alternates to produce the best value possible.

Master Service Agreements

Master Service Agreements or Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a convenient way for companies to process multiple, commonly encountered construction projects quickly and easily through multi-year contracts. This contracting method reduces unnecessary levels of design, engineering, contract procurement time, and construction project procurement costs by selecting long-term contracts for a wide variety of renovation, repair, and new construction projects.

Value Analysis

Value analysis is an indispensable tool in all CM/GC projects. When implemented, value engineering saves our clients money and improves the project quality in ways that might otherwise be overlooked. These services ensure product durability and quality are optimized, saving our clients time and money.

Project Feasibility

FCI will help you determine the feasibility of your project before you purchase land and invest time and money preparing plans. FCI’s experienced pre-construction team will meet with you to discuss your ideas and identify potential constraints right away.

Sustainable Building

Our teams have extensive training and experience with sustainable design and construction. FCI is a proponent of responsible building practices to ensure long-lasting, healthy environments for building occupants. From sustainable intent to LEED Platinum certified, FCI delivers realistic alternatives to our clients seeking innovative and environmentally-conscious choices for their projects.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling provides several important benefits to our client’s projects–such as the ability to envision and make sound decisions while projects are in the early planning phase–and enables the pre-coordination for multiple trade installations before construction begins.

Special Projects Division

Created to enhance our ability to provide more agile, quicker construction management services to our Clients.  These projects are primarily smaller scale, fast-track, remodel and renovation projects.  Within this division, FCI has in-house capabilities that allow us self-perform to be competitive against smaller companies with lower overhead.